Its time for War

Far too long have I listened to the voice of evil tell me I am not good enough. I have let it choke the words right out of my writing, talk me down from big projects at work and home, convince me that I am a terrible mother, and keep me in my own little world of doubt.

But that ends now.

Three weeks ago I was ready to launch some new material and a big project. I worked hard for days reading, writing, and researching. But life gave me a few stumbles… a sick kid, a small car issue, extra hours at work. In those small tasks of life I let the enemy voice convince me that I shouldn’t be doing that writing and that  project anyway. I let myself believe I wasn’t good enough for it…

So, for three weeks I haven’t lifted a finger of progress on those materials.

A few days ago I began to think about all the ideas I have and what I want to do with them. My natural instinct is to think there is nothing good that I can do. Nobody wants to read my stuff. I have nothing new to give. And I am not worth a thing. And in that moment of doubt I felt the Spirits tug. “Its time to wage war like never before.”

So I went over that list of ideas again, and I realized they are all God-given leads. If I silence the evil one’s seduction calling out “You’re not good enough,” I will hear the voice whispering, “With Me all things are possible, and all the things you do in My Name will result in goodness.”

I’ve listened to the enemy say “You’re not good enough!” far too long.

I've listened to the enemy sayfar too long.

Its time I secure my armor and prepare for an epic battle. I refuse to believe the lies any longer. I refuse to believe that I am unworthy. I refuse to believe I have nothing to offer in this world.

Are you with me on this? Is the enemy shouting something at you that is keeping you from hearing God’s whispers?

Prepare your armor. Its time to fight.


  1. Kristi Kinsey

    I absolutely agree Stacy! IT IS TIME FOR WAR!!! In so many places of our lives! You are good enough! Love ya girl!

  2. Rayetta Murphy

    And you are ready for battle…you are worthy…covered by thoughts and prayers from those who know you and love you.

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