Love > Fear

Yesterday’s post was supposed to be about fear. But as I awoke to the horrific news coming from Las Vegas, there seemed to be enough fear to go around.

I am shocked and saddened by the loss of lives. I spent yesterday with my eyes on the television watching survivors and heroes telling about their experiences. I watched as people began to try to make sense of the whys and hows.

I have no comforting words of wisdom or reasonable explanations. I don’t understand this violence. I, too, search for answers to explain the loss of innocent lives.

As I exited the coffee shop yesterday afternoon, a kind young man holding his toddler offered me a genuine smile and friendly greeting. It was truly contagious as I smiled back at him. All day I has wrestled to find a reasonable explanation for an act of such extreme violence but found nothing, yet a simple smile from a stranger was able to change my entire demeanor.

Every person we pass every day has a story. A reason she acts the way she does. A cause for her behavior. How can one smile or kind word change her day?

God’s love isn’t just a single historic event. It’s about every day. It’s about holding doors for others. It’s about checking in on neighbors. It’s about smiling and greeting people. It’s about loving everyone. And its life changing.

As we watch in fear and sadness the unfolding of the largest shooting in America, let us look for a way to change someone else’s day for the good. Let us love on each other like never before. Know your neighbors and pray for our country.

I heard someone say today that one act of violence opens the door to many, many acts of love. What will you do today to love?

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