Stop Believing You are Not Enough

I drank the milk straight from the carton this morning. Someone left the smallest amount of milk possible in the bottom of the jug, and frankly I didn’t want to dirty a glass. So, I gracefully hid behind the refrigerator door, put the carton to my lips and downed it.

It felt good to break the rules of being a good housekeeper.

Recently I have found myself in the midst of friends openly admitting our shortcomings of being a homemaker. Tales of laundry piled high, unmade beds, and bathrooms that need cleaned. Hearing my friends authenticity has given me the comfort that I am not a failure! And because I want others to know they are not failing I found myself carrying one conversation to the next and letting my own authenticity and shortcomings exit my lips.

We as moms seem to think that we fail when we can’t keep up. And we complicate our own feelings by falling into the comparison trap- you know, so-and-so has four kids and I’m surestop-believing-you-are-not-enough she doesn’t have a single toy on the floor. Oh, and her kids sit still at the dinner table, too.

Remember when Martha was upset because Mary wasn’t helping to clean and cook? Jesus didn’t reprimand Mary and tell her she needed to sweep the floors. Nor did he compare her to Martha! No, he commended Mary for making the hard decision to do what was best at that time.


Friends- it doesn’t matter if you are a single woman or a mom of ten- stop believing you are not enough! Do what you can do when you can do it. Make the best decisions with your time. And celebrate the day when you get around to scrubbing the tub.
Break the perfection. Admit you are a not-so-great housewife. You don’t have to be perfect. You are enough.

And go drink the milk- the rebellion against perfection feels good!

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