The Thanks and The Giving

November. The month that reminds us to be thankful. To count our blessings. To gather together and say thanks. Its a time to slow down and refocus on the life in front of us. As we settle in this first day of November I can’t help but feel challenged to do more. Not more things to do, but more thanks to give. More love to give. More giving. So, this year I will focus on the thanks and the giving.

thethanksandthegiving-1Yet what do I have to give? Everything. The whispered prayers of help I offer up when the pennies are short are answered with the word give. But what do I have to give? Everything! I have joy, peace,  and patience. I have love and Good News. I have kindness.

I can spread kindness like confetti.

I choose to give what I have. I choose to give every day of November. I choose to scatter kindness and love. I choose to focus on the thanks and the giving.

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Let’s spend November in the thanks and the giving.


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